Jupiter is a mobile application that allows users to transfer balance instantly. Users download the app, enter their information (email, phone number and National ID number), and can begin to use the application. To add balance to their application, a user can link Jupiter to their existing Bank Account, or they can deposit cash through Jupiter kiosks. After adding balance, users can transfer balance to anyone with a Jupiter account in a matter of seconds. All peer-to-peer transactions have ZERO transaction fees. A user can then opt to withdraw their balance through a Jupiter Kiosk, or by re-depositing the money into a linked bank account. All withdraws are subject to a 2% transaction fee.

In the future, Jupiter will expand to merchant payment systems. This expansion will allow users to pay for products, and services through the application. Participating merchants will have a unique QR code. Upon scanning the code, the user will be prompted to pay the requested amount through their available balance. The expansion into merchant payment system will add a revenue stream to Jupiter, as merchant will be subject to a 2% transaction fee.

Jupiter leverages a wide variety of technology to simplify the way people exchange money. The app utilizes QR code technology to add “friends”, and pay vendors. At Jupiter, our vision is transforming Egypt into a cashless society

We chose 'Jupiter' because it is the largest and fastest spinning planet in our solar system. Our app will be the fastest instant payment app in the Egyptian market. In Arabic, Jupiter translates to Al Moshtary, our app is for Al Moshtary. Whether you are buying groceries from a vendor, or paying your friend for dinner, our app will simplify your daily transaction.  

Our mission is to simplify the transfer of funds within the Egyptian market.